Many businesses in Cochrane have spent the past several days preparing and planning for the new COVID-19 restrictions that were announced on Tuesday for the province.

The Pop-Up Holiday Market has been doing just that. Local business owner and entrepreneur, Kailey Leonzio of Quirk Social explains how the market will work this weekend. 

"We've sort of shifted into an in-person slash virtual market hybrid format. The vendors are still going to be set up, down in the market space and they're all going to be so that people can still come out if they're comfortable coming out in public and shop at the market. We will be limiting the number of people allowed in the building so people just need to be prepared that they may have to wait outside."

"We're also going to be posting videos of all the vendors Friday night at the start of the market, and basically going through their entire booth, what they have available and I'll be posting information on how people can buy from them, including price list when I post that information on social media. So people can directly contact the vendors if they want to over the weekend for specific items."

What if Cochranites want to shop remotely for multiple items? Kailey has you covered. "We are also offering, sort of personal shopping, where people can send in their order via text, and I will do the shopping and have it all together for you for curbside pickup, or the possibility of doing kind of like a FaceTime shopping. If you're not sure exactly what you want and you have questions about specific items."

The market is planning to run every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday up until December 20. More details for the hybrid Pop-Up Holiday Market can be found here.