In her update on Wednesday, Dr Deena Hinshaw reported one possible case of multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children or M.I.S.C. in Alberta. It presents like Kawasaki Disease with a rash and fever. This rare disease presents in some children or adolescents after infection of COVID 19, with onset usually several weeks to a month later. It is treated with steriods. Dr Hinshaw couldn't provide many details except to say that the child is being treated in hospital and as far as she knows is in stable condition.

Alberta's top Doctor says, "I know this new condition might be scary for parents. It is important to remember that this condition appears to be rare and it is treatable. It is however a reminder that we continue to learn new things about this virus and that we must continue to be cautious in our relaunch."

As far as current numbers Dr Hinshaw reported: 

  • 6106 have recovered
  • 3165 new tests in the past 24 hours
  • 25 new cases
  • 679 active cases (the lowest amount since March 30) 
  • 43 people are in hospital with 4 in ICU 
  • 2 more deaths were reported in the past 24 hours with that total being 141 
  • 6926 total cases in the province

Dr Hinshaw says that there will be a meeting with regards to adding some sporting activities from phase 3 to phase 2 tentatively set for June 19 (possibly earlier). This will be discussed in a an Emergency Management Cabinet meeting next week.