The latest report from Manitoba shows feeder steer prices dropped off with the biggest drop of $14.83 per cwt being recorded for the 901 plus pound steers for an average price of $276.83 per cwt.

Feeder heifers also saw a drop in prices for most weight categories... other than the 401 to 500-pound girls which saw a price increase of $4.21 per cwt for an average price of $360.32 per cwt.

Slaughter cows saw an increase with the average price for D1-D2 's coming in at $130.50 per cwt.

In Saskatchewan, feeder cattle prices range between $78 and $182.00 per cwt above last year’s prices.

Average feeder steer prices ranged from $512.06 per cwt for the 300-400 lb weight category down to $311.75 per cwt for the 900+lb weight category.

While feeder heifer prices ranged from $427.14 per cwt for the 300-400lb weight category to $294.14 per cwt for the 800+lb weight category. 

Alberta's latest report shows fed steers averaged $233.30 per cwt, which is 50 cents above the previous week.

The price of D2 slaughter cows dropped to  $130.61 per cwt and $118.22 per cwt for D3's.