Truck drivers across the province are being saluted for their continued service during the pandemic.

During Wednesday's update, Premier Jason Kenney singled out and thanked Alberta truck drivers for their hard work and efforts during these trying times. 

Kenney says that he has personally witnessed several trucks on the road between Edmonton and Calgary in the last week alone, and he acknowledges that truck drivers have been working endlessly to bring Albertans essential supplies.

Kenney says "Every one of those semi-trailers was carrying the essentials we need. Food, pharmaceutical supplies, medical equipment, fuel, agricultural products, inputs needed for the upcoming seeding in our farms, and all the other products needed to provide the daily essentials of our lives and just basically keep our society functioning."

Kenny went on to say that "When you go to a grocery store and see that most everything is in stock, it's thanks to those truck drivers who continue to work around the clock." 

Kenney also acknowledges the limitations of restaurants, hotels and rest stops along provincial highways, and how it particularly poses a struggle for truck drivers.

He says "With the recent closure of sit down operations in restaurants, part of the necessary efforts to control the spread, of course, many restaurants have switched to drive-thru or delivery only options. That's a challenge for large trucks that obviously can't access drive-thru lanes."

Kenney went on to say that some exceptions need to be put in place for truck drivers. He called on restaurants to temporarily allow heavy trucks and long haul drivers to walk up to the drive-thru window to place their order and to also allow the drivers access to washrooms, still respecting safe social distancing.

Some rest stops along provincial highways had to close temporarily due to people raiding the washrooms for sanitary supplies.

Kenny called out Albertans who were "making life harder" for truck drivers in the province.

He says "Show some basic decency and some basic consideration. Don't do stupid things like that, that just make life harder for our truckers to keep us supplied."

Kenny went on to say "We need to keep them fed, fueled, and rested."