In 2020, The Club, BGC's teen space in Cochrane celebrated pride week by painting a garbage bin along 5th ave. Several youth participated in decorating the space with rainbows, animals, and more. Sadly, the artwork has now been covered with black spray paint in an act of vandalism.

The Club went to social media to announce that they will be repainting the bin.

"Hi Everyone,

It has been brought to our attention that one of our pride-themed garbage bins has unfortunately been vandalized. It is heartbreaking to see the hard work of many amazing local youth has been vandalized in such an awful manner. The Club will be working actively to paint over the vandalized bin and will cover the cost of repair. We encourage any youth interested in helping us with covering up the vandalism to stay up to date with our social media for details regarding when this will occur.

We are truly heartbroken over this hateful act and are doing everything in our power to restore the amazing local artwork."

If any Cochrane youth/teens is interested in contributing to the new artwork, you can contact The Club here.