In an effort to help manage drug supply and accessibility during the global health crisis the province had previously introduced a 30-day limit on prescription drugs.

Pharmacists have been working hard to manage drug supplies and make sure Albertans have access to the medications they need, and the province says they feel that the 30-day limit can now be relaxed.

As of June 15, pharmacists will once again be allowed to dispense up to a 100-day supply of prescription drugs.

Health Minister Tyler Shandro says that the adjustment is being made to help limit the number of visits to pharmacies and better support pharmacists.

He says "Pharmacists continue to work tirelessly on the front lines, and we thank them for their efforts. We are confident that now is the time to adjust our guidance to help Albertans make fewer visits to pharmacies and to support pharmacists in reducing the volume of prescriptions to fill."

While supply levels appear to be returning to normal, some drugs are still in limited supply.

Gunjan Dave is the owner of Fireside Pharmacy here in Cochrane and he says that although the province is relaxing limitations, some drugs may still need to be dispensed with a 30-day maximum supply.

He says "With the panic of a pandemic situation, people tend to start overstocking. Some drugs are still in shortage because they are coming from countries where suppliers aren't able to receive those supplies and it's affecting us here in Canada."

Dave added that drug supply levels will continue to be monitored and pharmacists will still need to use their professional judgment and make adjustments when necessary.

He says "Adjustments can be made to some of those drugs that have a limited supply including antibiotics if required."

The province says that if there's evidence of stockpiling prescription drugs or supply issues arise, those limitations could be re-introduced.