Alberta Conservation (ACA) has continued its partnership with The Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation (GRPF) by providing grants towards Vegetation Management, Environmental and Conservation Education, and Native Grassland Ecosystem Restoration Programs at the park.

Vegetation management is essential to the park, Susan de Caen, Executive Director, Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation explains controlling vegetation in the park protects the ecosystems within it.

"If we don't control the non native species or weeds in the park, we do deal with a loss of integrity with the grassland," she says. "They've helped us purchase things for  biocontrol efforts for the park, and also helped us fund one of our summer staff."

A second ACA Grant for Conservation Education will help GRPF educate others on what is out there in terms of environmental resources, and what the park protects. De Caen says this education has far reaching, long term benefits.

"We find that once people have a better understanding of the park and its resources, the results goes beyond the park itself. With a better understanding people are more likely to protect the resources they encounter, whether it's in Glenbow, Kananaskis, or on their own lands."

The third and final grant for Native Grassland Ecosystem Restoration program will assist in GRPF's mandate to look into the best ways to restore disturbed grasslands.

"Once we have a better understanding of how to best restore grasslands back to their native state, it's better for the wildlife, and the overall ecology of the areas that are being protected in parks and private land."

This is the second year GRPF has received grants from ACA, as the two organizations have a strong bond.

"It's a fantastic partnership, the wonderful thing is the visions for GRPF and Alberta Conservation are quite nicely aligned, so their work with us last year has carried on into this year. "