Alberta's Justice Minister and Solicitor General is travelling around southern Alberta looking for feedback on rural crime along with other issues facing his ministry.

Kaycee Madu says he wants to hear from rural Albertans about the government's plans for a provincial police force.

"My goal and the goal of the Alberta government is to come up with a 21st-century made-in Alberta police service that tends to the needs of our local communities. As you know, rural crime has been a consistent, perennial issue, something that I hear from rural citizens every single day," he says.

He's also looking for feedback on the Police Act.

"We have not reviewed the Police Act since 1988 when it came into effect. This is the most expansive review since 1988. There will be changes, but we also need to bring it in line with modern policing," Madu says.

The review is nearing completion, and Madu believes there will be legislation introduced this fall or next spring.

He's also touting the success of the Rural Alberta Provincial Integrated Defense Response giving Alberta's sheriffs expanded authorities to help the RCMP on urgent calls and to investigate a wider range of traffic offences which started in April this year.