Rocky View County Reeve Greg Boehlke believes summer is the worst time possible to seek public input on managing growth in the Calgary region.

Right now, the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board is seeking public input on a regional growth plan's developing.

Reeve Boehlke said he is attempting to have the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board wait until the fall.

"We asked at the last CMRB meeting to put this off until September. And they all laughed and said they were up against the wall on timing. Then the next thing they come out with is they're asking for a four-month extension to complete the plan."

Boehlke says he isn't aware of whether Municipal Affairs has OKed the extension. . 

Rocky View County continues to strongly oppose the regional board, calling it redundant, expensive and adds another layer of red tape.

Alberta counties has rallied behind RVC's push to eliminate mandatory membership into regional planning boards.

Boehlke says the board isn't really about planning, it's about controlling economic development in the region.

In contrast, Cochrane is a strong proponent.

To offer input into the development of the plan go here.