Purchasing the dye was the easy part.

Now, I'm tasked with seeing how skillfully I can apply it to my quasi-beard.

Exactly what the end result will be is yet to be seen, but it's worth the try.

Tomorrow is "Go Purple" day in Cochrane. It's a chance to strike out against the crippling impact of domestic violence.

At times, Cochrane suffers from a "Mayberry" complex but we all know that's not the reality here or anywhere.

Working the news desk through the wee hours countless times, I've often heard the scanner chirp out suspected domestic violence calls for the RCMP to address.

I've heard the late-night scrambles to find a safe place for those impacted to land for the evening.

Cases are said to be increasing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Maybe so, but let's not fool ourselves; it's prevalent in good times, too.

There is no room for domestic violence in our society, yet we know it will continue to exist. But having many people stand up and say, "This must end," is a step forward. You can only hope it resonates even the slightest bit through the community.

So, in this small way, I will attempt to dye my beard to stand in solidarity against this assault on the family unit.