A rainfall warning is in effect for many parts of southwestern Alberta, including in Rocky View County near Cochrane.

20-30 mm of rain has fallen since Thursday night for most areas near Calgary, and along the foothills, with some local amounts topping 50 mm.

Dan Kulak, Environment Canada Meteorologist, anticipates we could see another 40-60 mm in the next 24 hours due to a system coming out of British Columbia.

"We do a have a weather system that's developing and moving through southeastern BC, and that is going to be spilling precipitation across the Rockies into the Foothills areas of Alberta" he says."It's going to be fairly localized depending on where the thunderstorms are embedded in this, so we're looking at a broad area of rain. When we put out a rainfall warning we're looking at usually 50 mm in 24 hours, or 75 mm in 48 hours."

The rainfall warning could be in place for the next 24 to 36 hours, Kulak says the soggy weather is expected to break next week.

"In the early part of next week it looks like it warms up, with temperatures in the mid twenties, and generally dry weather expected for the early and middle part of next week. We'll move from this damp soggy pattern, to more of a warm, but typical afternoon thunderstorm pattern next week."

Although it feels like Cochrane has had unusual amounts of wet weather, Kulak explains the amounts of precipitation have been somewhat seasonal.

"I think we're into a pattern where it's probably more related to the fact that we're getting precipitation every day, rather than copious amounts of it. I think we get the perception that it's wetter than it has been."

The amount of rain at Calgary International Airport for the first half of July has been 65.8mm, the normal for this part in July is 66.5.

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