Although Saturday was quite a rainy day, Parks Day went off without a hitch.

Susan de Caen, Executive Director, Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park says around 683 peopele passed through the gate on Saturday July 16, in celebration of Nationwide Parks Day.

"It wasn't cold, it wasn't awful weather, it was just wet. I am pretty happy with the way the day went considering the conditions we had."

de Caen says about 391 runners registered for the Run at the Ranch, part of the 5 Peaks Trail Series, while maybe a few decided to not come out due to weather, the run did very well.

"They are hearty trail runners so they will take on whatever sort of conditions are thrown their direction. The race manager was saying on the average day you have certain number of  people run and then maybe 5% won't show up,  on an awful bad weather day you might lose up to 10%, but most of them forthe most part show up no matter what the weather."

It woud have to be pretty bad for Parks Day to be cancelled, says de Caen, you just have to be flexible and creative.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park may still be a hidden gem, but de Caen shares that new people are discovering the park on a daily basis.

"We do get more and more visitors and when we actually have a chance to track the visitors that do come on to the park, a lot of the people that do come it is the first time to the park. So we are getting a lot of people disciovering the park for the first time; that said we do have some pretty regular folks that come through the park on a daily basis."

de Caen says she wants to thanks sponsors, volunteers, and the community for continuing to make Parks Day a success.

"It couldn't be done without the support of the community."

If you would like more information oin Glenbow Ranchh Provincial Park, you will find it here.