As Cochrane grows so does the need for emergency sheltering and helping women and children out of abusive situations.

Patti Fischer, Margaret Van Tighem, and Jacquie Coulas are in the early stages of incorporating a board which would allow them to move forward on bringing a short term shelter to life.

Fisher, says so far community members are excited to stand behind and support the idea.

"Without exception it has been positive and supportive. People are really excited and surprised that we already don't have an emergency shelter that we are still siphoning off to Calgary."

Fisher says reports indicate that Alberta has the second highest rate of self reported domestic violence in the country, and as Cochrane grows the need becomes greater.

Fisher, adds although Morley does have the Eagles Nest, with it not currently operational, it leaves a large void from Calgary all the way to Banff.

While they are still in very preliminary discussions and plans, the overall goal is to create a brick and mortar 'safehouse' with roughly 20 beds for short-term care (roughly three weeks). Fisher adds they are not looking at a remote, hidden away location.

"It doesn't have to be hidden, shelters have gone through quite an evolution in the last thirty years. It used to be no one knew where they were and they were secret places, but now they are part of the community and the community knows they're there and knows they're in need."

Trying to bring the shelter to fruition will take money, support, and commitment from a variety of partnerships. Fisher says once incorporated the group will start applying for grant opportunities.

"There is government money available; there has been a huge push, Status of Women just released half a million dollars for creating shelter spaces and there is a focus on women and children."

The short term option is geared to help women gain perspective, be out of immediate danger, and refer them to a multitude of resources in the Cochrane community. Once hope is restored, the group would look at secondary longer term sheltering.

Right now the group is looking to raise awareness and spread the news, because without support, it is just an idea, and this idea, in Fisher's mind is one that can't afford to be ignored.

To show your support you can follow CochraneShelter on Facebook.