The Cochrane Rangers are now accepting registration for it's indoor soccer programs which starts October 1, as outdoor soccer winds down at the end of September.

The Rangers offer recreational, and competitive indoor soccer leagues, for anyone aged 16 and up.

Paul Tas, President of the Cochrane Rangers, says the club offers programs for all kinds of skill levels and age levels, the youngest active Rangers member is 17, and the oldest is in their mid sixties.

"From a skill level perspective, if you're highly competitive we've got a program for people who wants to play hard and play to win," he says. "But it's also for people who are new to the sport, we do have players that started out new, and they like it so much that four years later, they play in the competitive program."

Tas explains the Rangers also offer voluntary skill sessions for anyone looking to build their soccer expertise.

He shares there are many benefits of playing a team sport throughout your youth, and adult years.

"As an adult all too often what we see is people come out of high school who played sports, and then they turn 18 and it kind of stops. It's that transition from high school to the adult side, you go from highly active to stopping. That's why the adult soccer league is a great opportunity to stay active, not just for 18 year olds, but throughout all the ages."

Tas says the Rangers also provide a social circle, members will gather after the games and celebrate as a group of friends.

He stresses that healthier is happier, and adult organized sports can provide that feeling of being a kid again, playing outside with friends after school.