A local girl had a very special 5th birthday. 

Ava's parents reached out to the local RCMP detachment to help plan a special surprise on the weekend.

Cpl. Richter and some other fellow officers made a poster and a few other items to surprise Ava on her birthday. 

They maintained their social distance and brought a few smiles to Ava on her birthday. 

Cpl. Troy Savinkoff says it was not only thrilling for Ava but fun for the officers involved. They had a chance to get a little creative, especially with the poster that had her name spelled out in police tape.

“Different members did different things for her,” says Cpl. Savinkoff. “They almost had like a little competition over who could make the best thing to bring over to her house.”

It was an opportunity to do some community policing, and connect with local youth.

“Kids need to know the police are approachable," he says. "We’re not meanies, we’re there to help people. So the ability to get out there and send this message to kids will have a long-term effect.”