Cochrane RCMP are investigating multiple theft complaints received this morning from Blueridge Drive, Blueridge View, and Willow Creek View in Rocky View County.

Two vehicles on Blueridge Dr. had been rifled through, wallets, and other items were stolen from them, in Willow Creek View a laptop was stolen from an unlocked car.

Cochrane RCMP Const. Jennifer Brewer says a set of keys was left behind at one of the thefts on Blueridge Dr.

"At this time we do not know if they are associated from the actual culprits," she says. "Or if they were from another address they had gone to."

One vehicle was also taken from the area of Blueridge View, RCMP are now searching for a Grey 2014 Lexus RX350 with Alberta License Plate KED 414.

Brewer says the culprits managed to steal the car from the residence's garage.

"There were no signs of forced entry, the garage door may have only been slightly open, in which case they could go in. The vehicle itself had the garage door opener, and the keys in it, so they were able to open the garage and leave through there."

If anyone sees the Lexus occupied RCMP advises calling 911 right away and not approaching the vehicle, if the vehicle is found unoccupied, call the complaint line and do not approach or disturb it.

RCMP stress the importance of locking vehicles and not leaving valuables, garage door openers, and keys in cars.