Cochrane RCMP continue to investigate the two cases of child luring reported in Cochrane last week. 

Cpl. Deanna Fontaine says police are studying all available information in the two cases and considering if the incidents are related.  Fontaine says, "I do know that in the incident that occurred on May 30, at approximately 5:20 p.m. that there was a white fully-sized van but in that case, it had potentially a black roof rack and it was described with rusted wheel wells." A little bit different information to the van description in the June 2 incident. 

As police continue to investigate and apprehend the suspect(s), it is important to keep the children of Cochrane safe and Fontaine says it is important to talk to your kids about stranger danger. "Have the conversation with your kids about the fact that they do not have to talk to strangers and can walk away. And if a child has a cell phone they have the option of calling 911 at any point in time for assistance." 

When it comes to younger children, Fontaine says, "You may want to reconsider having them out and about alone and provide that supervision if they are going to the park."

When it comes to older children, Fontaine advises, "It would be better if they were with other kids and have that conversation with them about not speaking to strangers."

Fontaine says to teach your kids how to respond if they are approached by a stranger, "They can call their parents to speak to them or the police and not engage in that conversation and to leave and go somewhere whether it's a safe adult or a public place."