There's a lot of stress and anxiety right now with so many unknowns surrounding COVID-19. 

Parents are wondering how they will balance work with having kids at home with them now that schools are closed for an unknown amount of time. 

Most people as well as seniors and those with underlying health conditions are concerned about the virus itself. 

Some people are having a difficult coping and local Psychologist Dr. Patrick Keelan says there are two basic coping strategies that he recommends people to use.

Problem focused strategies and Self focused strategies.

"Taking appropriate actions to keep yourself safe and prevent the virus from being contracted. Seeking out appropriate information to inform yourself those kinds of things. That's problem focused strategies. Self focused strategies to manage anxiety and stress would involve engaging in activities and strategies to give yourself a break from dwelling on the issue and lower your anxiety that way."

He recommends doing something for yourself to take your mind off things. Whether is exercising or working on a hobby it can be very beneficial.

Dr. Keelan says it's important to reach out if you're feeling overwhelmed.

"Seeing a psychologist or another therapist, a private practitioner like myself or there are agencies that offer therapy that people can seek help from. There are affordable options."

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