Playing darts isn't just something to do on a Monday night.

Darts has been recognized as a sport in Alberta Sport Recreation Parks and Wildlife Foundation Alberta for the past few years and receives funding from the Alberta Government through Darts Alberta.

Ellison Smith, Cochrane Mix Dart League, Tournament Organizer, says the sport is growing in Cochrane.

“Darts Alberta approached us because we are a league with a 100 or more members to try and host a major event or rank tournament.”

Smith says Cochrane hosts the 'Shoot on the Bow' tournament in July which brings in players from all over Alberta and Saskatchewan to our community.

The dart season begins after Labour Day Monday and runs through until May.

Even though the season is under way, Smith adds “anybody interested can sign up because we are always looking for spares. If there is enough spares we can form another team.”

The league not only supports local businesses where they host games and tournaments, it's a great way to get together with friends and have a good time.

For more information about the Cochrane Mixed Dart League go here.