If you've spent any time outdoors over the last few days, you have likely noticed a blanket of haze over Cochrane.

We here in Southern Alberta have grown accustomed to a smoky August, as wildfire season is at its peak and the effects travel to our parts. Just when we thought we were in the clear this year, smoke from BC wildfires has made its way over the Rockies.

Hundreds of people in the Penticton area have been forced to evacuate their homes as wildfires escalate in the area.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Natalie Hasel says that the smoke will likely affect our area for the next few days.

She says "Unfortunately the circulation that we’re seeing with our low and high-pressure systems and where they’re sitting means we’re seeing the smoke come up and over and into southern Alberta. As long as those conditions remain, we’re likely going to see those hazy smoky conditions remain."

Hasel says that people who have breathing issues may want to limit their time outdoors this weekend.

"If you are part of the more susceptible population you may need to take extra precautions under these circumstances. We’re also dealing with heat in some places and the combination of heat and smoke is particularly bad." 

Environment Canada is expecting reduced air quality over the next few days. 

Hasel says that just how smoky and hazy it stays in Cochrane will be dependent on the wind.