In a step to keep traffic local, the Townsite of Redwood Meadows, located 10 km north of Bragg Creek on Hwy. 22, has put up "No Trespassing" signs at its entrances.

Yesterday, the signs went up to further discourage people from entering the community. They aim to maintain a delicate balance of promoting healthy activity, privacy, and safety for residents in a time of physical distancing.

Previous to that, the signs read "Local Traffic Only."

"Despite signage asking for “Local Traffic Only” we have found that cars and people from outside Redwood Meadows or the TsuuT’ina Nation are still visiting to use our trails," the administration states in a notice appearing on its social media. "We have also had a report of a car prowling in the last week."

"As a temporary measure, we are changing our signage at all three entrances to “No Trespassing.” Please let your friends know that this is temporary, and we look forward to the day we can all join back together as one big family."

Prior to this, the townsite declared a state of local urgency in conjunction with the TsuuT’ina Nation declaration of a State of Local Emergency (SOLE). It gives them additional authority to take additional measures to protect the community.

In a separate notice, Rocky View County is reminding people they are enforcing no-parking areas within the Bragg Creek area, and that vehicle access remains suspended to provincial parks and recreation areas.

The county is also using roadside signs to notify motorists.