Town council's support of a motion to better understand the roles and responsibilities of the town's senior management is not considered a 'witch hunt.'

In fact, it is fully supported by town administration.

Councillor Patrick Wilson received unanimous support for his notice of motion to receive a report with an overview of all senior management positions within Cochrane’s current organizational chart, including both executive and director-level positions.

Wilson calls it a positive exercise.

"The intent here is not to regurgitate role descriptions that we've seen previously, but more to have a lens of taxpayer value propositions attached to them, and exactly how we think these roles are a good return on investment of the assets were investing in, which is a slightly different lens that we've seen before."

Town CAO Mike Derricott says he's appreciative of the approach taken by Wilson, and that administration is happy to continue the dialogue around the town's growing and evolving organization.

"He came with a clear interest, was open to some dialogue and feedback on it, and I think the notice of motion as presented here is a healthy one," said Derricott.

Derrricott says it also will help in getting the information out to the community, something that is an integral part of Wilson's motion, to create a better understanding of the town's growing organization.

"That is an interest that administration shares, I'm sure, with council, and so we look forward to producing this report and having that dialogue and it has not generated any angst administratively."

The report is expected to be in council's hands by the end of March.