The Canadian Federation of Agriculture is sharing the Canadian Agri-Food Sustainability Initiative’s (CASI) industry engagement report.

The report provides opportunities for next steps for the Canadian Agri-food Sustainability Initiative platform development and engagement activities from Summer 2021 to Spring of 2023. This report summarizes what was heard from 129 agri-food sector stakeholders from across Canada.

CASI is a collaboration of Canadian agri-food sector industry leaders in sustainability.

CASI will be developing an online platform to serve as a hub for sustainability programing in the Canadian agri-food sector. CASI will coordinate knowledge sharing on agriculture and agri-food sustainability and identify linkages between the current work happening in Canadian agriculture and agri-food to international sustainability standards. CASI will facilitate sharing Canadian successes globally by crediting farmers for existing management practices through benchmarking standard and program equivalencies on the online platform.

“The Canadian Federation is excited to lead the development of the CASI platform to reduce duplication of efforts and reporting requirements for farmers to get credit for existing efforts. This central hub for sustainability programming will support Canada’s reputation for high-quality, sustainably produced agri-food products,” said CFA President Mary Robinson.

Financial support was provided through the AgriAssurance Program under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.