The reign of the current Cochrane Lions Club Rodeo Queen is being extended until the 2021 Labour Day Weekend.

That's exciting news for current queen Breanna Corriea.

Since being crowned on Labour Day Monday in 2019, she's had a hectic schedule of public appearances, not only in Cochrane but throughout southern Alberta.

It's in the summer, though, the schedule is traditionally jammed pack for the ambassador of the Cochrane Lions Club. There's weekend, after weekend of rodeos, parades and special events.

Breanna is thrilled she'll still have a chance to fulfill her role next year during these important months.

"Rodeo season in the summer is kind of the meat and potatoes of the whole rodeo queen year," she says.

"I will be able to go, have fun, seek new relationships with people in the community, and, as well, work on myself through it."

The Cochrane Lions Rodeo Royalty program places emphasis on developing life skills.

"A big part of being a rodeo queen, and especially with Cochrane, is it's a really big youth development year," says Breanna. "It helps build your confidence and gets you out in the world."

Rodeos scheduled from June to August in Alberta have been cancelled to fall in line with the province's decision to cancel all summer events and festivals.

At this point, there's no final word on whether the 53rd annual Cochrane Lions Club Labour Day Weekend Rodeo will proceed.