Cochrane town council has agreed to provide a letter of concurrence for a 35m tri-pole style telecommunications tower proposed by Rogers in the light industrial area.

The proposed tower would be fenced at a located at the rear of Mountain Toys Polaris, 251 River Ave.

Monday, town council briefly discussed the aesthetics of the tower and was satisfied with the wording of the letter being prepared by the planning department.

The letter will read, "The exterior finish design and colour scheme for this development shall be designed to the Town of Cochrane design standards. The tower shall be galvanized gray provided that Nav Can and Transportation Canada does not have any special requirements."

Council favoured the idea of the tower being grey to blend in with the other two on the skyline in the industrial area. Erecting a white tower in Mitford Park made it stand out even more, and some councillors said that has proved to be a mistake.

While the town can review and comment on the location, the approving authority for the tower's development and operation is the federal minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISEC).

The town can voice opposition, but that doesn't prevent ISEC from approving the application.

Council, though, didn't show any appetite to stand against the project. In fact, they welcomed the addition.

"This is an infrastructure utility that we all rely on," said Councillor Tara McFadden. "I don't know that anything gets people madder than when their cellphones don't work nowadays." 

There are no residential properties within a 300m radius of the tower and the detailed proposal aligns with the town's telecommunications antenna structure siting protocol. 

No residents voiced concern when a public notice was issued by Rogers.

towerDetails of the northwest and southwest view of the tower.