If you've driven across the new Jack Tennant Memorial Bridge, you've probably noticed all of the roundabouts that you had to go through.

And with that comes trying to remember how to properly use a roundabout. 

Cochrane RCMP Cst. Jennifer Brewer says using your signal lights is key.

"The first thing to remember is the vehicle on the right has to yield the right-of-way to the vehicle on the left."

"A lot of times at intersections and what have you, you see it the other way where you have to yield to the vehicle on the right. Traffic circles you have to yield to the person on the left."

Cst. Brewer says it's extremely important to let other drivers know your intentions. 

"You do have to activate your signal light and use caution when you're leaving the circle. If you're in that last lane in the circle, you still have to use your signal light to signal that you're turning and taking that right exit from the traffic circle."

If you're entering a roundabout and don't intend to take the first exit to the right, you need to signal left. 

"You do have to make a lane change there, and when you're making a lane change you do have to signal to the left."