The Route 22 Artist Collective Gallery and its member artists will be presenting a “Support Ukraine” display for April and May as part of their Spring Interchange.

Karen Chaisson, Director of the gallery says, “We wanted the community to know that we are standing in support of Ukraine and our window display will reflect that with Sunflower art and all blue and yellow.”

For those that are not familiar with how the gallery works, the *juried art is selected bi-monthly and interchanged. During the interchange, the current art on display is rotated out and new art comes in. At the same time, the gift shop items are rotated as well.

For the Spring Interchange, the bright springlike palette of blue and yellow welcomes the new season and shows support for Ukraine at the same time.

Chaisson explains, “We will be setting aside a portion of our gift shop area where artists will be hanging artworks that they have done in support of Ukraine. They will choose, at the end of the month, where to donate the proceeds of those sales.” The proceeds will go to humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

The Spring Interchange Exhibition with a Support Ukraine display will open Tuesday, April 5 at the Route 22 Artist Collective Gallery at 312 5th Ave.  

* To select material as appropriate for exhibition in (something, such as an art show) —used chiefly as a participle a juried show.