You will need to out wit and out run hundreds of zombies on July 23 at Zombie Survivor.

Elizabeth Lewis, co-organizer of the Zombie Survivor says the festival of fun is coming to the hills of the Cochrane Agriculture Society.

The event runs rain or shine, and the deal is to get out there and have some fun.

"We give you a belt with three lives on it and the goal is for you to run the 5 km adventure race, get through the obstacle course, through the scare house, and come out with at least one of your flags in order to survive the 5km. Now if you lose all your flags and you don't re-earn one at one of our hidden life earning spots then unfortunately you are infected."

This is the second year that Lewis and co organizer Paul Howarth have taken over the race and numbers are up.

"We are pleased that the numbers are up this year there is more runners, and this is amidst an economic downturn. We would love to see more community involvement. We designed the event to be an affordable staycation in Cochrane and so we would love locals to come check out the base camp, come camp with us for the weekend."

The organizing team of Zombie Survivor was hoping to branch off by offering a second day 'Hero Survivor', but it was not in the cards this year.

"There was a number of factors that didn't come together properly and we wanted to make sure when we launch that event, that it is successful; this year we decided let's focus on Zombie Survivor, let's focus on getting our word out about our charity Can Praxis, let's focus on what we know is going to work, and make a great weekend for everybody."

Can Praxis is the charity that Zombie Survivor supports and Lewis says with the economic downturn, Can Praxis needs help.

"They do horse therapy for veterans and their families, and they put the call out they could really use the local support this year."

Lewis says she is hoping to people come out to support local.

"It is surprising how the economy has really impacted the small businesses  and the small organizations. I really want to encourage people when your choosing where to use your dollars this summer, consider going local, having a local staycation, and investing in the community."

Zombie Survivor still has room for runners as well as a few spaces for zombies and camping spots for the weekend.

"We are looking forward to filling up the 1 to 2:30 slots and people are welcome to sign up for those."

If you would like more information or to register for Zombie Survivor you will find it here.