There really is not any aspect of people’s lives that have not been touched by the COVID 19 pandemic. Included in the phenomenon is the fact that people are now choosing to make large lifestyle changes due to it. Recently it has been documented that there has been an increase in rural property sales as people are making the move from urban to rural life.  

Local CIR realtor, Dawn Lashmar says she can confirm the rumour. “We have seen a real increase in sales, I work Cochrane to Carstairs to Sundre to Water Valley, I floater in-between all those areas and I know in the Water Valley area, I’ve sold some properties recently that have been on the market over 500 days.”  Lashmar says in the past 60 days there have been 4 acreages and 2 empty lots sell just in the Water Valley area and that inventory is starting to get low.  

When asked what she attributes the increase in sales to, of course it is a residual effect of COVID 19. Lashmar says, “I believe many people have realized they can work successfully from home, at least part-time. The commute from rural properties is what seems to hold most people back from their dream of owning an acreage and now not having to worry about the commute full time opens some doors. All they need is good internet and as a result, we are seeing a draw to the rural Rocky View and Mountain View Counties.” 

Lashmar points out that she along with many realtors did not know what to expect once the lockdown was lifted but they have experienced a pleasant surprise as she says she is the busiest she has ever been. She attributes it to other factors including low-interest rates and another COVID effect, “It’s possible being quarantined in their homes in town or the city, many people realized either they don’t really like their homes and/or that they would like more space if this is the kind of world we are looking at living in now, though I hope it isn’t. Others have been thinking of jumping into a new home for quite some time and the situation we have all just been through was enough to push them to take advantage of the conditions. I have seen a range of retirees, new home buyers, people moving from other provinces, and people looking to semi-retire.” 

Typically, the summer months are slower but not in the atypical COVID 19 alternate world. Lashmar says, “People are usually away in the summer and I think a lot of people think summer is a busy time for real estate but typically people are away and not thinking much about buying homes, but this year we have so many people staying home and thinking about getting a new space.” 

So, if you are thinking of selling your rural property, now may be the time to list. Lashmar says, “I’m out showing properties between Cochrane and Sundre every other day it seems. There are lots of people looking and many aren’t finding what they are looking for due to lower inventory as a result I’ve been looking for more rural listings.”