Spring is the air and Cochranite's thoughts may be turning to camping and getting the trailer or RV out of winter storage.

Subsequently, it may bear reminding the rules regarding trailer and RV parking on town roadways in Cochrane.

As of May 1st, residents can park their trailers and RV’s in their driveways as long as they are not blocking sidewalks or pathways.

If a trailer is parked on the street it must be attached to the tow vehicle. The unit cannot be parked on the roadway any longer than 72 hours. After that amount of time, it needs to be moved to an offsite location before it can be returned back to a spot in the neigbourhood. The 72-hour parking time limit applies to motorhomes and campers too.

To view the full bylaw document, click here

Manager of Municipal Enforcement, Frank Borsos says, “Really it just comes down to the fact that we're asking that everyone try and be good neighbours to each other and respect those around you. [...] We understand that everyone wants to get out and recreate and enjoy the outdoors and all those things, but I think that the biggest message that we would like to give is being a good neighbour is the important part of it all.”