Rocky View County (RVC) council has approved its 2023 master rates bylaw that comes into effect tomorrow (Apr. 1).

The service rate changes vary, and reflect adjustments required to recover costs or allow for updated or new services.

Updated rates include: 

▪ 10 per cent increase for water services.

▪  $500 application fee credit to applicants who have previously paid for a pre-application meeting.

▪ Updates to several of the planning services fees to reflect the enhanced services that planning staff offer related to applications.

▪ Simplified and reduced building permit fees for residential construction projects over 6,458 sq ft.

▪ Reinstated penalty fees for occupying a building before a safety codes officer has granted occupancy.

▪ Re-aligned and re-categorized fees within the cemeteries category, in addition to adding names of cemeteries for clarity. Not all cemeteries experienced rate increases.

▪ Removal of a fee charged for audio or video recording of a council, committee, or board meeting as this information is available electronically at no cost.

“The new rates structure will allow us to continue to provide high-quality municipal services to our residents while maintaining a fiscally responsible approach," states Rocky View County Mayor Crystal Kissel in a news release issued today.