Rocky View County (RVC) councillor Crystal Kissel wants to extend an act of goodwill towards the Town of Cochrane by donating back land sale proceeds for use towards the aquatic and multisport centre expansion.

At the Dec. 12 RVC council meeting, Kissel gave a notice of motion to give back the money Cochrane paid the county for two small parcels of land required for infrastructure upgrades and believes there is precedence.

While it's only a notice of motion at this point and little discussion occurred, Kissel did tell the RVC council it wasn't that long ago the county did something similar for the City of Airdrie when it sold land needed for upgrades to the Yankee Valley Boulevard for $1.

She believes such a goodwill gestures between municipalities isn't unusual and it's rooted in the spirit of the RancheHouse Accord of 2010 between RVC and Cochrane that became the first inter-municipal cooperation protocol of its kind in the province.

Full details will be disclosed when the question is debated at the Jan. 9 RVC meeting. In the meantime, the county administration will prepare a report to provide councillors some insight..