Rocky View County (RVC) is requesting their land adjacent to the Greystone area structure plan (ASP) be designated with a higher residential density than is suggested in a land-use scenario currently being utilized.

RVC council agreed with administration's recommendation to request the higher density status. In the Greystone ASP a lower density residential land-use was applied and County officials suggests it may have been applied in anticipation of a provision for future buffering and transitioning to the adjacent Riverview community. Those concerns, though, can be addressed in the future, they suggest, when a neighbourhood plan is undertaken. There's no timeline for that plan at this point.

RVC councillor Margaret Bahcheli questioned designating land so close to the Bow for multi-unit dwellings and believes it's opposite of the direction being taken by the Alberta government for flood mitigation.

"Why is the county taking the position we need high density on this river?. Are we kind of reckless in putting houses on this river where it has a dog's leg and it's a flooding river? Aren't we suppose to be going the other direction and not putting houses on this river?"

Administration explained it's a matter of being consistent with what's proposed within the Greystone ASP and noted should the RVC land come forward for development in the future the Town of Cochrane will have final say on the technical requirements

Division 9 Rocky View County (RVC) councillor Bruce Kendall was successful in his push to have the county offer input on the Greystone development reaching the final stages of its ASP consultation in order to protect their interest in adjacent land. He brought a notice of motion forward earlier in the month when he saw no action being taken by the county.

RVC has sole ownership of the 30-acre parcel of land south of the proposed Greystone development that runs to the Bow River. The land is currently the site of a gravel pit nearing the end of its life, road maintenance facility and a county grader shed. They also own the land occupied by the Bow Rivers Edge RV Park. RVC  jointly owns the land occupied by the Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre.