With just over three weeks left before classes resume, Rocky Views Schools (RVS) is continuing to finalize plans that allow for a safe reentry for students and staff.

The provincial government announced a school reentry under scenario one on July 21; meaning in-school learning with class resuming near-normal operations and the implementation of increased health-measures.

Rocky View Schools (RVS) says that based on a recent survey this is in line with the preference of the majority of its students and parents, however, they recognize the significance of this decision and that in-person learning may be outside some families' level of comfort.

In a letter to parents on August 7, RVS announced that there will be an online learning option available for the 2020-2021 school year for those families interested in persuing that route.

While the details are still being worked out, RVS says that they will be offering a teacher-supported online learning program for grades 1 – 12.

The letter from RVS Board Chair Fiona Gilbert and Superintendent of Schools Greg Luterbach stated that RVS is busy finetuning what the online option will entail, and they plan on having more details available by this coming Friday, August 14.

Families will have until August 24 to decide whether they want to move to RVS’ online learning option. 

In an effort to give families a clearer picture of the upcoming school year, the board has launched a parent Q & A form on their website as a tool to provide insight to frequently asked questions.

In addition to the questions surrounding online learning, parents are also wondering about cleaning protocols, allergies that present like COVID symptoms and what happens if a child gets sick at school.

RVS says that much of the information outlined in the re-entry plan is guided by provincial direction as well as feedback from parents, students and staff. 

 If you have a question for Rocky View Schools about the upcoming school year you can submit your online form here.