Rocky View Schools (RVS) has announced an improved online learning option for the 2021-2022 school year. 

The division is creating two new 'online schools'. One will virtually house Grade 1 to 9 students, and the other will be for Grade 10 to 12.

In an email, RVS Superintendent, Greg Luterbach explains that these schools will replace the current RVS Online Learning option. He says that based on input received from parents, some changes have been made to improve the virtual experience.

He says that like any other school under the RVS division, the two virtual schools will have exclusive teaching staff in place. 

"Both schools will be their own unique school," says Luterbach. "Just like in face-to-face school, they will have their own principal, teachers, staff, and access to various student supports."

The teaching staff, as well as the students enrolled, won't be connected to any other existing RVS school. 

Luterbach says they will focus on building their own school community and culture, and bring students, staff, and families together when possible.

Registration is now open and can be done through SchoolEngage until 5 p.m. on May 31.

Luterbach says that the division won't be able to accommodate changes to online enrollment after May 31.

"To provide students with the best possible start to their new online school, RVS needs time to plan and prepare," says Luterbach. "Unfortunately, that means we are unable to accommodate new registrations for online school after May 31 or changes to an in-person school after May 31."

Families registering for online school will be committed for the entire 2021/22 school year, and students will be transferred from their current school.

Luterbach says that resources will be allocated to the schools based on the number of students registered as of May 31. 

Families can find additional information to make an informed decision on the RVS website.