The Hamlet of Bragg Creek is celebrating fall with displays, activities, and festivities this month with the fourth annual Scarecrow Festival.

Every year businesses and residents come together and create hundreds of scarecrow displays in Bragg Creek, Springbank, and along Highway 22.

The scarecrows are judged in seven categories by anyone who wants to participate, the categories are: Cutest, Scariest, Best Human, Best Animal, Best Multiple Character Display, Best Celebrity Look a Like and Overall Favourite.

Scarecrow Festival Committee member Stacia Hemmett, says she hopes the festival boosts tourism in Bragg Creek, which is down after a cool summer.

"We didn't have a summer this year, we had lots of half days and everyday the storms seemed to roll in, and chase everybody away," she says. "People can come out all month long and see them, and go and tour around, they can pick up voting sheets and vote for their favourites."

Hemmett shares the festival brings the community together, last year there were 151 scarecrows created.

"Scarecrows are everywhere, it's fun, it gets the whole community involved, the businesses, the residents, the community associations, everybody builds scarecrows and we decorate the town for the whole month"

Judging for the Scarecrow Festival begins Friday Oct. 14, and ends on Tuesday Nov. 1.