Rocky View Schools will be launching a second Preschool Intervention Program (PIP) this fall.

The all inclusive program that offers speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, behavioural therapy, and physical therapy if needed. The therapists and teacher create a team effort to teach, improve, and develop the child's skills all while working towards each child's individual goals.

After running another long waitlist, creating a second program in Cochrane seemed essential; however, Lynda Hemsworth, RVS, Early Childhood Services Supervisor, says although needed, now was not the most ideal time.

"We had too many children, so it's a good opportunity. It's just not an ideal time right now to do that because there's no space anywhere. So it's been difficult trying to find a place for the program."

For now the second PIP program will run out of Bow Valley High School, until RancheView School is open.

The program will run as a half time program, unless registration warrants both am/pm classes.

"We've hired a half time teacher right now and then we will see how September goes to see if we get more children and move it to a full time program."

Hemsworth says as Cochrane's population expands, programs like PIP become even more important.

The other important piece, shares Hemsworth, is many students attending PIP are RVS division students.

"We get to know them really well for two years before they head into kindergarten and that transition then will be much smoother."

The PIP program is completely funded through Alberta Education and does not cost any money; while the program will consider accepting typically developing children they concentrate on helping those with higher needs.

With the addition of this program, Cochrane will now offer two PIP programs, Airdrie two, and Strathmore one. 

If you have a child that could benefit from the PIP program you can find the registration link here.


Preschool Intervention Program in High Demand