We're incredibly lucky to live in such a beautiful and safe community.

And, local Mounties continue to work hard to keep that in check. 

RCMP Cpl. Troy Savinkoff says "Well the good news is, is that in the last month of September, crime trends have actually be heading in a good direction. We only had seven thefts from vehicles, mostly in town, and the ones that we did have, we were successful, because of the good residents of Riversong, in arresting somebody for most of those offences, he's been charged with multiple offences, and has court in Cochrane in a little bit."

"We had 10 thefts of vehicle complaints, and those ones, there's no specific pattern, it was all over the rural area and in town, and only one business break and enter."

Savinkoff says crime in rural parts around Cochrane remains pretty constant. 

"The one thing that we always see a pretty constant trend around Cochrane is break and enters to rural residences, so these are residences that border Calgary. We had four of these residential break and enters this past month, and that's a pretty normal trend that we see." 

He says you can stay up-to-date with local crime stats and trends online. 

"If they are looking for updates on crime trends, they can actually go on the crime map. If you're a town of Cochrane resident, you just google Cochrane Crime Map and it'll show you all of the notable occurrences in your area in the last 14 days. And, if you live in Rocky View County, just google Rocky View County Crime Map."

Savinkoff says they're still working on finding the youth involved in several incidents over the summer. 

"We have our ongoing file that we have from August where a male was targeting women on the pathways in Mitford Park and, after seeing him, he was turning around, driving back, and slapping women on their backside, so that investigation is ongoing."

We've had beautiful summer-like weather so far this fall, but Savinkoff says they know what will happen once people start warming up their vehicles and leaving them sit. 

"Once the snow starts falling, we predict like it does every year, we're going to see a drastic increase in theft of vehicles. This is usually from people getting up to go to work in the morning, and they leave their vehicles running. There are people who come out to neighbourhoods in the morning, specifically targeting people who are leaving their vehicles running."

Savinkoff says they've set up an email so the public can reach out to them. 

"If you have any suggestions as far as how can we better police your neighbhourhood, that is outside of a regular occurrence, obviously people voice their concerns a great deal on social media sites, and we do read those. But, if you do have specific concerns that you want to raise, please feel free to give us an email on that."