The Cochrane and District Ag Society has teamed up with YYC Foodtrucks to host several drive-in movies this weekend, starting tonight.

It's a series of drive-in movies that will feature a family-friendly early show and then a later screening geared more towards adults. 

Executive Director of the Cochrane Tourism Association, Jo-Anne Oucharek says the fun starts tonight.

"They have two movies running starting Thursday the 23 to the 26. The first one is at 6 o'clock, usually a family-friendly movie and then a second one running at 9:30."

To add to the experience, there will be a lot of food choices on hand with the YYC Foodtrucks.

"They'll have some food trucks. Everything will be parked in your car, social distanced, so that all of the correct parameters are in place for it."

Oucharek says "It's $40 per car, so pack as many people in the car as you want and hop up to the Ag grounds and enjoy a night of movies and views."

If you're wondering how you'll see the early screening when we still have full daylight, there's a high-tech LED screen that makes it easy to see in any light.

She says "A big screen is going up but it's an LED screen so you'll be able to see it. They will have a capacity of 215 vehicles per show."

Motor City Nights

YYC Foodtrucks list:

Thursday & Saturday - Taiko taco
Friday & Sunday - Zilfords

Thursday to Sunday:
Family Dogs
Canadian bear Balls
Family squeezed lemonade
Family Dough

There will be washrooms on site.

For more information and to get your tickets go here.