MP for Banff-Airdrie, Blake Richards has wrapped up a series of housing roundtables in Canmore and Airdrie.

The discussions were held amongst constituents, community groups, and municipal officials who are concerned with the ongoing housing crisis.

The roundtable discussion provided feedback and solutions that MP Richards will take with him to Ottawa to fight for those that are struggling to pay rent or cannot afford a home.

Some points of contention that came up at the roundtable were frustration with housing supply issues which are made worse by inflation and supply line issues. The need for more government incentives to build affordable housing was discussed.

Richards says, “It used to be that anyone who worked hard could one day own a home of their own. This was often possible on a single income. Now, many Canadians are giving up on the dream of homeownership altogether. They’ve done the math and they see that it’s just not possible. This isn’t acceptable and it has to change”.

A Conservative Housing Task Force helped to organize the discussions and anticipates releasing a report on the concerns of Canadians on the issue this summer.