The Living Sustainably series of the Cochrane Environmental Action Committee (CEAC) continues with a session entitled Grow Your Own Food on Saturday, Mar. 18 at 1 p.m. at the Frank Wills Memorial Hall.

CEAC president Tim Giese says three topics will be explored by three speakers, who will share their local gardening knowledge to provide participants with the basics they need to start growing.

Greenhouse Growing:  explore options for extending your gardening season - Carrie Corbin with Cultivate Cochrane Society will talk about the benefits of greenhouse gardening in a short growing season.

Vegetable Growing Basics: whether you're a new gardener or, looking for assistance in growing a garden in the challenging Cochrane environment, Andrea Blonsky with Cochrane Community Gardens Society will provide tips and advice.

Food Forests:  discover how you can turn a bare plot of land into a garden filled with food and beauty. Calandra Caufield, founder of Backyard Harvest Project will inspire you to create your own urban garden space.

As with the previous sessions in the series, it's free to attend.

You can register here.