There's a ray of sunshine today for the Darby family, the hundreds who have joined the search and the thousands holding out hope for the well-being of eight-year-old Seve.

The Springer Spaniel has been recovered safe and sound and is now back home where he belongs.

Seve was in Darby's Jeep Grand Cherokee when it was stolen from Bragg Creek on Mar. 12. Since then the family, friends, and acquaintances have been part of an inexhaustible search.

YYC Pet Recovery phoned the Darbys this morning and that lead them to the Calgary dog pound, says Jim Darby.

Jim and Claire Darby, their son Jay and his girlfriend Leah Gates went to Calgary this morning to recover Seve. It was a joyous reunion.

"He just kept running around in circles. He didn't know what to do, who to come to first."

"He's safe and well, which I cannot believe. Two weeks today, he's back," said Darby, fighting back tears.

"He's just so happy, and we're so happy."

Thankfully, Seve's needs have been tended, says Darby.

"He was a little stressed but he looked well, he's been fed and watered. I thank them for looking after him."

No information was provided on the person turning in the long-time family pet. Nor was the $1,500 reward sought.

The Darbys are extremely appreciative to everyone who stepped forward to help in what has been an amazing two-week effort to once again make their family complete.