Thursday afternoon, seventeen-year-old cancer survivor Jordyn Dvorak, and her family got to celebrate the ending of a difficult chapter and the start of a whole new story. 

Catch up with Jordyn’s journey here.

Make-A-Wish Canada came to Cochrane, set up in-front of Jordyn’s home, and presented the young artist with everything a professional photographer could ever need. Some of the items included a brand new camera, several lenses, backdrops, and a Macbook Pro. Jordyn explains how all of these items are quite a step up from her current gear. “Before it was intermediate level but this is like professional stuff so it's gonna take wicked photos and be really clear and I'm really excited about that.”

Due to COVID-19, she says she had to pivot from her original wish. “I was gonna go to Paris for five days originally to travel and take photos, kind of, around the area of all the cool places around.“ 

This wish has been in the works for a while, which Jordyn says gave her hope in the toughest times. “When I was in the hospital, it was really, it kind of kept me moving forward because it was something that I could look forward to in the future rather than just like, oh, here's my next chemo, like, keep going with this continuous cycle that kind of thing.”

Jordyn’s parents, Mya and Chris express how exciting it is that this day has finally come. “It provides a little bit of closure in a way. She's been in remission now for a year and it's just, it's one of the good things that are happening, in a very trying time.”

“You know, she's getting photography business up and running and off the ground and she's donating to charities and she's just been excited to actually have this stuff in her hand”

What’s next for the 17-year-old Cochranite?  “I'm going to be graduating high school and then I really wanted to go into, like, nursing, with the pediatric oncology, because the nurses in the hospital are really helpful so I kind of want to give back that way as well.”