Cold and flu season is around the corner and the likelihood of more students developing a cough or runny nose is inevitable.

Rocky View Schools is reminding families that this isn't a typical school year and extra precautions need to be taken at all times. The division has released a flow chart, and they are urging parents and students to refer to it on a daily basis.

The "Should I go to school today?" flow chart consists of easy to follow arrows to determine whether or not students are well enough to attend school.

Superintendent of RVS Greg Luterbach recommends printing out the resource and posting it on or near the doors of your home.

"In my household, we've got one copy of the checklist on the door my kid goes out before he gets on the bus and I have a copy of the checklist on the garage door before I get in my car," says Luterbach. "We need to work together to review that each and every day. If we say 'yes' to those questions we need to take action - and action isn't send your kid to school." 

If students are ill, have come into contact with someone who is or have travelled recently, they are strongly advised to refer to the guide to determine if and when it is safe to return to school. 

Luterbach recognizes that it's not always convenient for kids to stay home, but says that sending them to school with cold or flu symptoms could be far worse.

"No one wants to be in the situation whereby their child needs to stay home but also nobody wants to be in the situation whereby the whole class needs to stay home because of some choices here," says Luterbach. "We need to work together between families and staff."

According to the chart, students and staff who have allergies or ongoing health issues must be tested at least once to establish a baseline for the individual. If their symptoms worsen, they are expected to stay home and use the SelfAssessment Tool to determine if  they need to be tested for COVID-19.

You can find the RVS flow chart below.