After taking a few years off, the community skateboarding event, Shredz Fest returns to Cochrane this weekend. 

“Shredz Fest is all about bringing together Cochrane’s diverse skateboard community,” explains Zach Creighton with Shredz Shop in Cochrane. “Especially these days with more and more young girls getting into skateboarding. We have this hugely diverse skate community and basically, Shredz Fest is meant to be a day where everybody comes together.”

Hosted at the Zero Gravity Skatepark on June 4, 2022. The day will be filled with various categories and contests to showcase the wide variety of skater talent in Cochrane.

“We really wanted to give everybody a category to take part in this. We have a 12 and under category, because we have tons of young skateboarders in Cochrane.” 

“We also have a Prom Night category because there's actually been a great group in Cochrane called Prom Night that's been working with young girls and women. We also have a 16 to intermediate so that's your kids who are coming up.”

“Then there is an open category which is all about the skaters that really want to showcase what they can do, so that would be more you're like 18 girls and guys who are more active in skateboarding and want to compete at that level.”

While the event had to take a few years off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Creighton says the interest in skateboarding did not slow down. 

“The number of parents that came in and they're like, we need to get our kid a skateboard because they need something to do!”

“Especially young populations and I would say particularly young girls, it's crazy to see the number of young ladies. They've almost taken over the skatepark in a great way. It's awesome to see that group grow, especially with Prom Night running stuff.”

Shredz Fest encourages all of Cochrane to come and watch and any skaters wanting to participate can register the morning of the event at the skate park.