Shyla Hurley is a very brave little 5-year-old girl who came to the rescue of her beloved Grandma. Cochrane resident, Sharon Carry was watching Shyla and her little brother when she took a bad fall on the back deck. Sharon was rendered helpless as she broke her femur and was left outside in -15 degree weather. That is when Shyla jumped into action. At her grandma's beckoning, she went and got Sharon's cell phone so she could call for help. Shyla also brought a blanket to keep her Grandma warm and let the EMS in when they came to the door. 

When Cochrane RCMP Acting Detachment Commander, Dave Brunner heard the story he says, "When I heard this story, I was so impressed because police work is about helping people and we are always looking for good people in the RCMP and it's never too early to start recruiting. We thought it was just a good thing to do for Shyla, to recognize her for what she did. Ultimately, in our line of work, we see people who break bones and don't survive, she very well could have saved her Grandma's life by acting fast and doing what she did by getting the blanket and keeping her warm and getting help there."

Shyla and her proud parents, Stephanie Talbot and Stephen Hurley were at the Cochrane RCMP detachment to accept the recognition of the officers. Shyla was presented with a commemorative bravery certificate, other presents that a little girl loves like a special officer tee-shirt and a princess crown. Shyla then got to ride in the police car to McDonald's to enjoy a treat.  

Grandma was unable to attend as she is recuperating at home but no doubt there is no one more proud of and grateful for little Shyla.