Alberta's Agriculture Minister RJ Sigurdson is back from his international trade mission to South Korea and Japan.

He says it was a very productive trip adding that we've seen South Korea increase its agri investment and trade with Alberta by 230 per cent.

"Of course a lot of it is focused around our beef and pork. We had a chance to visit some restaurants that are featuring Alberta beef and Alberta pork. As well as some of the shops that are marketing it there to get a greater understanding of what we're seeing in South Korean and what is important to them."

He notes South Korea likes the fact that Alberta beef and pork products are of the highest quality and come in at a competitive price.

"One of the parts that was most exciting about our trade trip over there was really the fact that all of the buyers that we spoke to said we want more. That's such a positive message to bring back home. Because we know that means our farmers and ranchers here are going to continue to get a solid price for what they're producing, and that people over there really respect the quality that they're getting. And that's a testament to all the hard work that our farmers and ranchers do at home here in Alberta."

To hear Glenda-Lee's discussion with Alberta Agriculture and Irrigation Minister RJ Sigurdson about his recent trade mission to South Korea and Japan click on the link below.