Simon Ongom has experienced numerous education systems around the globe and believes he can help provide additional insight for the board of trustees of Rocky View Schools (RVS).

"I have seen what it's like for an education system to succeed or fail, so I believe that I do have a different perspective that I bring to the table that would make our education system go from one point to another."

Additionally, he has views on major issues facing our education system.

Ongom is one of the three candidates for Cochrane school trustee.

He quotes a saying that says if you want to kill a society or nation, you don't need weapons, you need to destroy the school system.

"I believe that education is crucial to every society, and so it needs to be done right."

"It's not a one-fits-all kind of sector, and so we need to make sure our education system aligns with our current needs and focuses on the future of where we, as a society or even as a nation, are heading."

He says it's dangerous to ever believe our curriculum will ever be perfect.

"I believe more work needs to be done, but at the same time, we need to understand we will never achieve 100 per cent. We need to remain dynamic because the needs of society are constantly changing."

He says the recent curriculum changes were an effort to adjust to that change.

"Whether they were right or wrong, that's yet to be seen, that's why you have specialists in the education system. Nonetheless, there'll be no time when we'll have a 100 per cent one-fits-all kind of curriculum. It will always be evolving."

He believes public schools should take reasonable precautions based upon science to control the spread of COVID-19, but that we also must ensure it doesn't hinder learning.

He says we cannot allow ourselves to be controlled by fear, and that COVID will be with us for some time.

"We do not need to lock away children continuously for years because mental health in children is a serious and real thing."

Ongom has been a resident of Cochrane since 2015.