MTA or Monumental Tournament of Aces is presented by the Rotary Club of Cochrane, Cochrane Search and Rescue, and the Lindsay Leigh Kimmett Memorial Foundation. The funds from the charity golf tournament are distributed to various community organizations. 

The Rotary Club of Cochrane held a luncheon club meeting Tuesday, November 8 at the Cochrane Legion. It was during the meeting that donation presentations were made to the MTA beneficiaries and partners. 

For 2022, the funds went to Big Hill Haven, Cultivate Cochrane, Frank wills Memorial Hall, Helping Hands Society, Cochrane Indigenous Centre, and Cochrane Search and Rescue. 

All the recipients were extremely grateful for the donation to their organizations.

Big Hill Haven Executive Director, Wanda McGinnis says, "Right now we are an unfunded domestic violence resource serving this area. So, when the community gets behind us, particularly the Rotarians, Kimmett Foundation, and the MTA what it means is we can continue to do the things we do to support families being safe."

Shelby Bay with Cochrane Search and Rescue says the donation means a great deal, "The partnership, the friendship that we have with the Rotary Club are a huge component as to why we even exist. So, all the work that we can do really couldn't be done without the Rotary and the partners within the Rotary that help raise the money for our funds."