It has been snowing on and off in Cochrane since late yesterday evening and drivers are getting their first taste of winter driving today.

Corporal Troy Savinkoff with the Cochrane RCMP says that they have already received reports of several collisions in the Cochrane area.

"We're already receiving complaints this morning of several motor vehicle collisions on the highways," says Savinkoff. "We've already responded to three on the Trans Canada Highway specifically."

Savinkoff says that by 8:30 this morning, the RCMP had already received reports of two collisions on Highway 1 A and 22, another on Highway 1 A and Jumping Pound Road and another at 1A and GlenEagles. EMS was called to one of those collisions, however, Savinkoff says that the RCMP hasn't been informed of any serious injuries.

Savinkoff says that it's typical to see a high volume of collisions during the first couple of snowfalls since drivers aren't well prepared for the conditions.

"The first snowfalls are always the most difficult," says Savinkoff. "This early in the year drivers may not be as prepared for the slippery roads, also tires on vehicles are still mostly running summer rather than winter tires."

The snow is expected to continue on and off throughout the week here in Cochrane.

Savinkoff is reminding drivers to adjust to winter driving conditions and give yourself extra time on the roads. He says now is a good time to switch to winter tires.